MENA Region Market Developers — Food & Confections


Tootsie Roll Worldwide, Ltd.

Based in Chicago, Tootsie Roll Worldwide, Ltd. is the world’s largest producer of lollypops, producing an average of 20 million pops each day. Most of its lollypop sales the MENA region are under the Charms® brand name. In addition to its extensive lollypop line, Tootsie Roll® is a respected leader in the manufacturing of hard candy, fruit flavored chewy candy, Cotton Candy, boxed chocolates and Gumdrops to name a few. Tootsie Roll® is also well known for its unique chewy chocolaty caramel rolls, which have been part of American culture for over 70 years. Tootsie Roll® believes in continuous product innovation and brand diversification, which allows the company to enjoy remarkable brand awareness worldwide.


One of Tootsie Roll’s recent acquisitions was a strategic merger with Concord Confections, Inc. Based in Ontario, Canada, Concord Confections is one of the world's leading manufacturers of Bubble Gum, Chewing Gum, Dextrose Candy and Wax Candy products. Concord’s prized brand Dubble Bubble® was the world’s first bubble gum and maintains a preeminent position in that category. Concord owes its success to a program of continuous product diversification and innovation geared to both the upper and lower end markets.


This recent merger has strengthened significantly Tootsie Roll’s position in the confectionery market. With an impressive diversity of prestigious brands and products with attractive price points, Tootsie Roll Worldwide is well under way to becoming one of our leading confectionery suppliers for the MENA region.