MENA Region Market Developers — Food & Confections


World Confections, Inc.

The latest addition to our product portfolio in 2013, World Confections Inc. was established in 1952 as a manufacturer, importer and exported of candy in Brooklyn, New York and has been family owned and operated for three generations.


Its flagship line is the character licensed Candy Sticks, but not any characters, in addition to the characters from the Marvel Universe, World Confections holds many licenses internationally, such as Spiderman™, Iron Man™, Hulk™, Wolverine™, Captain America™, Tom and Jerry™, The Flintstones™, Popeye™, Scooby Doo™, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™, Batman™ and Superman™.


In order to be price competitive in the export markets, World Confections opened a plant in Colombia, South America, which is the plant that supplies our customers in the MENA region. The Candy Sticks are available in 10g, 12g and 15g boxes. The 10g and the 15g include a Tattoo inside. These items were chosen for the MENA Region because they meet very specific and strategic end-consumer price points, denominated by single local-currency coin value; 0.5 Dirham, 1 Dirham and 1.5 Dirham.


With a very low end-consumer price and a great value driven by Marvel Heroes™ and other well-known Cartoon licenses, World Confections’ Candy Sticks product line is extremely promising and we are expecting very successful market penetration with positive results in the MENA region.