MENA Region Market Developers — Food & Confections


SB Global Foods, Inc.

SB Global Foods, Inc. was established in 1991 as a food marketing, distribution and manufacturing company concentrating on high quality packaged snack foods. Its most popular brands are the Campfire® Marshmallows, Pretzel Pete® and Rocky Mountain® Popcorn (only available for export). SB Global Foods' headquarters in Lansdale, PA consist of an office and warehouse complex near Philadelphia. The company has established a sound infrastructure to handle shipments ranging in size from small, domestic orders for individual stores to large, container-load shipments for our distributors in the MENA region and the rest of the world.


The Campfire® Marshmallows are manufactured by Doumak, Inc., also known as The American Marshmallow Company, they have been the leading manufacturer of marshmallows since 1921. Doumak invented and patented the extrusion process of manufacturing marshmallows in a fast and cost-efficient manner. The patented formula of its prize brand Campfire® Marshmallows is the fluffiest and whitest marshmallow available. Doumak's success and longevity is due to manufacturing the best quality marshmallow in the world, providing excellent customer service and standing behind its products in every way.


We introduced to the Middle East with great success a specially manufactured line of Campfire® marshmallows. These marshmallows are made with Fish Gelatin as opposed to Pork Gelatin, which is prohibited in the Middle East. The line consist of four 300g bags and four 150g bags, regular white, regular colored, mini white and mini colored. The white marshmallows are vanilla flavored and the colored ones are orange, lemon, strawberry and lime flavored.


SB Global Foods’ signature product is the Pretzel Pete® brand. These delicious seasoned and filled gourmet pretzel nuggets are all natural and distributed throughout the United States in high end grocery stores, gourmet shops and other discerning outlets. They are available in 4 flavors, Garlic & Cheese, Honey Mustard, Peanut Butter filled and Sour Cream & Habanero. In addition to the Middle East, Pretzel Pete® is exported to dozens of markets overseas.


Last but not the least, Rocky Mountain® Popcorn line, which is only available for export, comes in very attractive 200g bags. This is a very new product in the MENA region as we just started exporting it to Saudi Arabia only. The initial market response has been very positive.


One of SB Global Foods' strengths for our business is that they can offer a complete package of export-related services. They act as consolidators, meaning that we can include orders from other North American manufacturers to be consolidated into the same container. They can also apply ingredient labels to individual units in-house in accordance with regulations of the country of export.