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Sweet N Fun, Ltd.

Sweet N Fun Ltd. is a Hong Kong based Novelty Toy manufacturer, primarily specializing in Gumball Banks & Dispensers and Candy filled Toys since 20 years. In 2000, Sweet N Fun obtained a key license from Concord Confections, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Tootsie Roll Worldwide, which soon became its flagship brand: The Dubble Bubble® license.


While the Toys are made in Honk Kong, the actual Gumballs inside the toy come from Canada. These Dubble Bubble® Gumball Banks and Dispensers have proven to be extremely successful in most MENA markets and considerably increase Dubble Bubble® brand recognition wherever introduced.


In addition, Tootsie Roll Worldwide supplies the Dubble Bubble® Refill Gumballs in neat and attractive retail carton, which generates a very profitable after-sales market, when displayed near the Toys.