MENA Region Market Developers — Food & Confections


Kenny’s Candy Company, Inc.

Based in Minnesota, Kenny’s Candy Company is a privately held corporation that manufactures Licorice and Licorice type candy since 1987. It initially began as a supplier of Red Twists, Black Twists, Chocolate Twists, Red Bites and Black Bites to Bulk and Private Label customers across the U.S. Recently, Kenny’s has diversified to a much wider variety of products and has started getting involved in export. Its most popular brands, Juicy Twists and Sour Juicy Twists consist of a premium product line made with real fruit juice. There are 20 flavors within the Juicy Twist product line. We have rationalized the line down to a selected 14 flavors, which are generally accepted in the MENA markets.


The Licorice category being a growing category in the MENA Region, we decided to add Kenny’s Candy Company to our product portfolio in 2011 and offer this very exciting and innovative variety to our customers.


Kenny’s goal is to offer the highest quality products in the market at competitive prices.